There is a new social consciousness where individuals are shifting from just bringing their brains to the office to navigate complicated processes, toward bringing their whole selves seeking meaningful complex work and fulfilling social bonds. To sustain an engaged workforce and succeed increasing economic challenge, we need to create shared meaning about purpose and goals for employees so that they can show up with commitment.

The Other Mind will create sustainable people practices for leaders wanting to share a common vision, create lateral bonds across functional capabilities and build adaptive resourceful teams. The Other Mind is a thinking partner that will co-create a Human Capital strategy aligned to the organisation’s purpose. Our focus is traditionally on supporting start-ups who don’t have the budget and resources to employ a full HR team but wish to build a fit for purpose capability that attracts talent and offers a differentiated employment proposition. We also work with teams who are undergoing digitally-led transformation in the Investment Management and Fintech space. Trust the Other Mind to co-create a people agenda that keeps your people invested, nimble and aligned to purpose. Transform your business using our methodologies centered on congruence.

  • Organisation Design
  • Corporate Culture & Motivation Models
  • Team Cohesion
  • Individual Mastery


The Other Mind is a consulting practice specialising in Organisational design and effectiveness, Culture and Motivation models, including remuneration. Our ethos is to always balance commercial pragmatism with well researched and tested frameworks and methodologies. If there is a quick, cost effective solution that will deliver creative results, we’re on it!

Michelle Marsden is the founder of The Other Mind, she is educated in Clinical Psychology and has 15 years’ experience gained through executive level Business Partner roles and HR Specialist roles spanning the financial services sector (Retail banking, Corporate banking, Investment banking, Asset management and Fintech start-ups). The scope and depth of these roles have varied and have covered multiple geographies with complex business operating models. She’s looked to by Business and HR Leaders alike as a trusted pair of hands that will deliver and exceed expectations.


Starting a FinTech business within the confines of a well-established large financial service company is never easy. To do the work you require entrepreneurial skills with a deep knowledge of tech, financial services and great client experiences. Simply put we needed to attract individual talent that didn’t exist in our market. We found the talent globally but we now needed to ultimately scale this and to transfer these skills through into our local workforce. Michelle helped us navigate the big mothership of head office while designing and assisting us in creating a long term incentive scheme that attracted the best talent out there and by giving us the workforce plan roadmap so we could transfer skills and meet our transformation targets as part of this large group.

Mickey Gambale
CEO INN8 Investment Platform